Brazilian Style was founded in 2019 in Tauranga - NZ, with the intention of showing the world what Brazil has to offer in terms of beauty, comfort and durability in women's fashion.


We started by selling few pieces from house to house, but retaining customers for quality. In a short time we already had the need to expand business and buy a van, where Brazilian Style became a mobile store with more convenience to serve customers in the region.


With the need to move to another island, there was also the need to develop an online sales website, where we can continue to serve our customers from all over New Zealand with the same quality and in the comfort of their homes.


Today the Brazilian Style mobile store is located in the city of Wanaka - South Island of New Zealand and continues to do home visits to customers in the region.


Brazil is recognized worldwide for the sensuality and beauty of its pieces, but not only that, Brazilian Style wants to offer quality above all.  


Our goal is to make our clients feel beautiful, sexy and comfortable at any time